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What is staging anyway? Staging is the process of enhancing the impression a prospective buyer has about your home. It is about removing things from your home that make it look smaller, drab, or dated. It also involves bringing things into your home to enhance your look.  Staging will not make a home sell for more than it is worth, but it can set your home apart and boost the selling price to the top of the price range of comparable homes. Also of great importance is it can cut the time your home is on the market.  Research shows nearly 90% of home buyers start their search on the internet, therefore staging is an excellent way to make sure your photos show the emotion and warmth a buyer is looking for.


  1. Faster sales times.
  2. Higher sales price.
  3. Great listing tool.
  4. Staged homes are easier to get noticed and have a market advantage over non-staged homes. 
  5. Attract a broader range of buyers.  Staged homes are more appealing and higher price perception.
  6. Consumers prefer staged homes and buyers view staged homes as well-cared for properties.
  7. Building inspectors view staged homes as wee-cared for homes.
  8. Appraisers are more likely to appraise well staged and furnished homes at full value.
  9. Professional image staged homes feel more expensive and look better in print media.
  10. Buyers and sellers will see the home as quality and will remember furnishings for a buying decision.



Virtually all homebuyers are on the lookout for one thing – a clean, spacious home. The two most important rooms in a buyers mind are the kitchen and bathrooms. Make sure these rooms are sparking clean and in good condition.  

Depersonalize and de-clutter your home because buyers need to visualize themselves in “their” home, not yours, so remove family photos, collectables, personal items, and anything you do not need to including furniture, knick knacks, and décor items. You want potential buyers to picture themselves living in your home, and that’s hard to do if they see you and your family everywhere they turn.  Put away all health care/medical equipment and remove all personal care items from your bathroom counters. 

Organize your home, tidy up your bedrooms and all closets as potential buyers look in all shelving areas and closets. Donate/remove all unused clothing, etc. and consider storage units for extra furniture and “stuff”.

The goal is to give the impression that you have more than enough storage space. Make small spaces feel larger by hanging mirrors to double the space and always open all blinds and window coverings to let the light in.  A clean, uncluttered look will allow buyers to imagine themselves living a stress-free life in their new home.


It is important that your home has curb appeal as many home buyers will do “drive bys” of homes on the market and if the don’t like what they see the won’t look at your home again. If the curb appeal is strong people will want to see what is inside.

Landscaping can go a long way in increasing the appeal of your home and really works with all budgets.  If your existing front door is old, outdated or worn, replace it with a newer, elegant, and more energy efficient model.  Adding a new coat of paint to an existing door can do wonders.

Adding a few potted plants and flowers in the front entry area will help make the entrance more inviting.  If you have not painted in the past few years, consider a fresh coat, both outside and inside.

Accent paint colors on the inside help tremendously in buyer appeal and lift the atmosphere of a home. You may also want to power wash your walkways and driveway for that fantastic first 10 second decision…


Make sure your home is sparkling clean inside and out. Be sure to tidy up every inch of your home and make sure each time you head out the door you home is in excellent condition, just in case a prospective buyer visits your home.  Clean every nook, crevice and cranny as home buyers are going to look at every space of your home.

Don’t forget to clean windows really well. Nothing says fresh like sparkling windows. That goes for floors too!  Also, make sure your home appeals to the largest buyer audience and maximize the light in your house by opening blinds, pulling back drapes, and always leave lights on for prospects. Replace dim light fixtures, add more table and floor lamps, and remove heavy drapes to let the light in. A well-lit home not only makes your space more cheerful and welcoming, but also makes it feel larger. 

Go the extra mile and banish out bad smells by airing out your home every day and consider citrus sprays of grapefruit, oranges, or lemons.


If you have large amounts of wall paper consider tearing it down and putting on a fresh coat of paint.  Wall is a very personal touch and may not meet your potential buyers tastes.  Also, consider replacing an old toilet with a newer model, installing a new vanity, and possibily replacing your old floors with new tile, granite or hardwood for an even better “wow” factor. 

It could also be worth every penny to update your kitchen. Consider replacing old appliances with new, stainless, energy-efficient models.  Updating countertops and cabinets make your kitchen more attractive and exciting.

Don’t forget light fixtures as they can make a dramatic difference between your home and the next.  Make repairs throughout your home, whether it is squeaky doors, chipped paint or cracked caulking as this will help present your home in the best light possible.


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